Baccarat Strategies, 4 Best

Baccarat Strategies

Baccarat Strategies will guarantee you an advantage over the competition. A very simple game to harness, baccarat currently stands as one of the most popular table games going today. A sophisticated game, baccarat has been around for decades now. And during that time, players have been able to establish various baccarat strategies and methods. They have done so in order to come out on top. We know that in baccarat, luck plays a very significant factor. But that doesn’t mean that there is no way of predicting outcomes based on hands that are already dealt. If anything it should give you an advantage across the board.

Some say that luck is fickle, and is something that we believe in simply to push ourselves to victory. We say bull to that especially if you are mixing in strong strategies that only help boost your luck in toe. Read below to learn more about this game on the best casino and slot sites reviewer!

Knowing the Odds and Casino Advantage in Baccarat

Before you should even sit down at the table, you should know of the odds. Over a longer period of time, the mathematical odds of the banker coming out on top will be drastically higher. This is because with each game the house will have  casino advantage of 1.06% on banker bets and a 1.24% on player bets. Which is somewhat biased as most casinos will run a 5% provision charge. These will run alongside these stats from bets made by the banker. One of the least profitable bets one can make comes in the form of a tie. Despite it having the highest possible chances of returning 14.36% most of the time. And that’s to both the player and banker, there is no two sets of stats.

Decks Used

Another thing that players should keep in the back of their heads is the amount of decks used in the game. Know that the more decks used, the lower your chances will be of coming out on top. The highest number of cards used in baccarat at any given time is 8. Which actually plays into the casinos favour as more often than not they will only have around 8 baccarat tables in the casino at any given time. So as you can see, the likelihood of you playing off of a multiple decks is quite high unless you aren’t paying attention.

The Significance of Tracking your Bets in Baccarat

In the online versions of baccarat you will be able to keep track of any and all bets made at the table. Which is great as it allows you to see how much money you’ve spent at the table in order to plan your next moves accordingly. In real games of baccarat, you might not find it as easy to maintain a mental note of every move made. Veteran and expert baccarat players have an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that’s happening at any given time. Which isn’t something that a lot of players have; mental strength and fortitude will trump any other player on a good day. This is why it is vital that you keep control of your game by knowing all the steps you’ve made previously.


The odds of the player to banker are 50-50 for the most part, but as the game progresses, you will begin to notice trends and patterns that might predict the next couple of outcomes. Say for example the same card keeps appearing in positions that could net you a win, then the likelihood of that card appearing in the following rounds could be high. This allows you to play a little more aggressively in order to see that this card is yours.

We will always advise that with any baccarat game, that you start initially by placing money down on a low bet. This will allow you to welcome what comes in the game with very little fallout. So if you find that you are dealt a bad hand, it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things as you aren’t really losing a lot. In fact you are learning so much more in the process.

Implementing the 1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategies

A foolproof strategy that most of the experts players use with each game they play. This strategy involves varying the sizes of your bets in order to back up any potential losses from subsequent rounds. So essentially you will want to start with one unit and from there move up to three in the second round and so on and so forth. With the goal being to help out on any potential losses by bringing you back to where you started.

If you find that you are losing more than once in a string of losses, then you essentially will go back to the beginning of one unit and start from scratch. This strategy is great at minimising losses, and will see that you make the right decisions moving forwards. Which is always a good thing when you think about it, as so many of us can get carried away in the minutia of it all, and end up losing most of our money as a result.

Instincts: Trust Them

If you find that you have played enough games to warrant an all-round understating of every move at every single time, then you will have managed to adapt to the game. And therefore have the killer instinct that should bring you a lot of wins in the process. Instinct is underrated when it comes to baccarat, and we are talking about pure instinct, not greed. Where your eyes light up having seen a decent hand.


No, instinct allows you to act on impulse, which might be considered a bad thing to some. But most of the time if a bet or play feels good, then depending on the previous outcomes of the game, you should go all in for it.  It can be difficult to work out the mathematical patterns of baccarat. As such your instinct will be your go-too method of victory. Just be sure to know the difference between good instinct and bad instinct.

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