History of Roulette

History of roulette is a mystery yet to be solved. Nobody really knows when or where the casino game roulette first was established. But according to the history of roulette, the game was said to be invented by chance by an inventor named Blaise Pascal somewhere around the 17th century. As time runs, online casinos are innovating to give you the best online casino games. To heighten the fun, and to give quality real life like online casino games.


Pascal was a French mathematician who had higher hopes of inventing the perpetual motion machine. A device that could spin continuously and never slow. When attempting to invent his wheel he stumbled across the roulette wheel. And the rest is history.

Although Pascal’s origin story is the most widely accepted tale of online roulette there’s a few other areas to consider when trying to unearth the true origins. Humans have been gambling for thousands of years, and surely Blaise Pascal wasn’t the first human to place numbers across a wheel and bet on the outcome. Who knows. Read below for more info or head now to the top casino and best slot sites to start playing!

Rundown of possibilities

Here’s a rundown of some of the other possibilities:

  • France can probably lay some claim to the development of roulette as we know it. There’s no getting away from the fact that the name ‘roulette’ has its name in French origins. Whether or not Blaise Pascal is responsible for the invention of the roulette wheel remains to be seen. But he was certainly notorious for being a famous gambler back in those days. During the time there was similar games of chance called ‘Even-Odd’ as well as ‘Roly Poly’. That game could have become a source of inspirations for Pascal’s wheel.

  • Although gambling was largely prohibited across many European states, Prince Charles seen the popularity of gambling as a means to help him recover from financial worries that had been plaguing him for some time. In those days, royalty were held in high regard and set the tone when it came to new trends and fascinations.

What’s the difference between the American and European Roulette Wheel?

When it comes to the American and European roulette wheel the differences are minor. but they all relate to the number of zeros across the wheel as well as the change in house edge. American wheels have an additional pocket across the wheel, that’s marked ‘00’. To learn more, read my review here. This review is honest and based on my true experience, so you might want to check this out.

When considering the additional double zero that features on the American wheel it makes sense that the house edge is smaller when we spin on the European roulette wheel. That is because there’s less pockets for the ball to land in. Meaning there’s a slightly higher chance you can win.

House Edge

The house edge on an American Roulette Wheel is 5.26%. Whereas a European roulette wheel’s house edge is only 2.7%. Making the European Roulette theoretically more financially viable and lucrative to play.

As French settlers in the European colonies began to populate areas in the US like Louisiana and New Orleans they were met with large backlash by casino owners. Owners who were frustrated with the sheer lack of house edge. The outcome was an additional double zero pocket on the wheel designed to increase the house edge.

Double Zero

The double zero was initially met with skepticism from casino enthusiasts. But gradually players came on board and the wheel became standardized as the American roulette wheel.

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Online Roulette and Live Casino

Online roulette and live casino has revolutionized the gambling industry in the 21st century. And has proven to be a possible way of making money gambling online. Although online roulette is purely based on algorithms and random number generates, live casino dealers are much more favored by online gambling enthusiasts across the board. Who knows what’s next for online roulette? But it’s certain the accessibility that’s been created by casinos offering a virtual space has brought in new demographic to the gambling world. And helped improve the popularity of the roulette wheel.


Additionally, popular films about card counting and casinos have almost created an underground subculture around casinos. Films such as Martin Scorsese’s Casino and 21 all create an alluring vision of what goes on behind closed doors in Las Vegas casinos.


Whatever you think about card counters, and the history of roulette it’s surely worth taking a spin. Or maybe learning some gambling strategies before you hit the table. 

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