Gambling Strategies Versus Roulette Strategy

Gambling Strategies

Gambling Strategies differ from one another. If any of you out there are accustom to the many different casino table games. Then you will no doubt know that the differences between each game and Gambling Strategies are pretty varied and deep. If you love playing online slots games, great news you are in a good place. You can find different useful information at this site regarding online casino games. Roulette strategy is not the same as blackjack. In the same way that baccarat is not the same as poker. Gambling Strategies for each game are also just as complicated.


Roulette is actually one of the more difficult games to perfect and strategise. Simply because of how difficult it is to read the table sometimes.And just how many outcomes there actually are to keep in mind with each and every bet placed. In this article we are going to be covering some roulette strategies that you can try at the table. Now let’s get into it. After you learn more on roulette strategy, check out the top casino sites that offer this option!

Basic Gambling Strategies

Google the words ‘roulette’ and ‘ gambling strategies’ and you will find that there are thousands of articles out there for you to choose from. All offer something different depending on what sort of player you are. And the play-styles you wish to implement in the name of victory. Every casino online games has their secrets on how you can win them. Each kind of game has its own strategy that when you mastered, you have a higher chance of winning in no time. Basic strategy is as simple as betting low in order to lower your chances of coming away with a significant loss. Another basic strategy is to bet high and bet on red or black rather than the 37 numbers that appear on the board. These basic strategies are what most entry level players will utilise.

Difficult to master

Common sense dictates that you would use the lower bet option if you’re starting out. But you’d be surprised at how many think that they know it all before they’ve even began playing themselves. This is what makes roulette a very difficult game to perfect compared to other table games out there. In blackjack you are given very basic rules to follow, simply hit 21 and win. Whereas in roulette there is so much to contend with at every given moment. Hitting red or black are your safest options as the odds are split straight down the middle; 50/50. This makes it incredibly appealing to novice players. As you can string wins together by sticking to a colour. But if you want to know where the money is, you then need to be betting on the other numbers. And picking your punches based on previous results.

Playing Online casino especially Jackpot Paradise is a convenient way of spending your time, like playing roulettes, it also needs a great strategies as mentioned above.

Reading the Table

Arguably the main catalyst in victory and loss, reading the table is something that every avid player should keep in mind when joining a game. In roulette there are countless winning combinations that could happen. And knowing which is about to appear next could be considered somewhat of a guess. However, players who utilise intermediate strategies, which includes utilising strategy charts, will find that they can work out the percentages of red and black, as well as other numbers that have appeared more frequently. Like counting cards in blackjack, working out the probability of a similar outcome is something that can easily be achieved. You simply need to pay attention and keep track of the amount of times that one space has been victorious.


It goes without saying, but if you are wanting to perfect any game, then the best thing you can do is practice. Every major player in these sorts of games will practice for hours on end in order to become the best players they can be. This is universal also, yes the forms of practice might differ. Repetition is good in these sorts of situation, especially when you consider the amount of resources you have at your disposal. Online gaming is picking up some massive steam right now, offering experiences that are almost as good as the real thing, only in a digital environment. We personally use online roulette as a training ground. We can so try out some new strategies and techniques that keep us sharp between the ears when taking to the table. We highly encourage you do the same and take advantage today!

Picking your Spots

There are times in every game where intuition takes over. These are moments where you just know that victory is going to be assured. In roulette this is quite hard to feel, considering the amount of outcomes. Also, there are other factors to consider such as the amount of chips you can set on one space. Knowing when you are at an advantage is one of the best spaces to be in. Once you have established control, then you can pick your spots accordingly. In roulette you will know that you are in a good position if you are utilising a set strategy that is raking in wins left, right and centre. The amount of chips you have in your possession should tell you where you currently find yourself. At this point you might want to consider stepping away from the game, or trying your hand at risking it all.

James Bond strategy

A technique known as the James Bond strategy is one with such high risk and high rewards if pulled off successfully. This one that was created by the creator of 007, Ian Fleming. For this strategy you will need to begin with at-least £200 (a pot that you might have accumulated through playing). This is how you are going to want to distribute this amount:

  • Place £140 on the high numbers (19-36).
  • Bet £50 on the numbers 13 through 18.
  • Place £10 on 0 for insurance.

James Bond Strategy Explained

This strategy involves a lot of luck and is one that could only happen within roulette. Which is something that we should state now just in case you lose all of your money and go blaming us. Without risk there is no reward, hence why we have included this method on our list. There is room for massive profits should you come out on top. Which is why we would always recommend you try doing this at-least once. Keep in mind that this is just a reason why roulette strategy is so different from other games, and that you should only utilise this strategy if you have the money to do so.

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